Update 13 July 2015


There are rumours that the next consultation on the draft Local Plan will be a “Regulation 19 review” (which is basically a check for soundness and compliance). If this is the case, then any further changes to the Local Plan will be minor, and the so called “strategic” development sites already earmarked will go forward. This is despite pre-election promises for a fundamental review of the Local Plan and despite promises to protect the green belt and Blackwell Farm.

Updated website and fundraising
It is time to start serious fundraising as we are going to need a barrister (with in-depth knowledge of the planning system) to represent us at the Inspector’s Inquiry. The cost will be in the region of £5-6k so we are now asking for donations. These can be made via the recently updated Save Hogs Back website at http://savehogsback.co.uk/?page_id=263 – just click on the “Donate” button. Please give what you can. The University has spent thousands on consultants for this development, but we are relying on the generosity of our supporters in order to save this important landscape.

Wood Street Village Horticultural Show
It’s time to get baking again! Save Hogs Back is taking a stand at the Wood Street Village Show this Saturday (July 18). Neville, Peter, Diana and Mike will be on hand to spread the word about the campaign and will be selling cakes to raise funds. Last year, we raised £80 at the Show, which went towards the cost of printing our brochure. It would be great if supporters who had the time could bake a cake or two to sell.

BTW, copies of our brochure were sent off to all new councillors with an invitation for them to visit the Hogs Back site. We are still waiting on their responses.

38 Degrees
We have recently added the Save Hogs Back to the national campaign website 38 Degrees. Please could you sign our petition on this site (https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-hog-s-back-and-the-surrey-hills-aonb). Also, please could help spread the word about this petition among your friends (using email, Facebook and Twitter) – the aim is to raise awareness about our campaign nationally, and if we can get around 8,000 signatures, GBC and Brandon Lewis will have to take note.

GRA meeting
On June 17, I attended the Guildford Residents Association and gave a presentation on the Save Hogs Back campaign – for those who are interested, this is now available on the Issue website:(http://issuu.com/savehogsback/docs/hogs_back_notes_for_gra__4_/1)
Everyone present seemed to be supportive – and one member said that if GBC could build on the Hogs Back, it could build anywhere.