Is the University jumping the gun?

The University is clearly getting ready to develop green field sites on the Hogs Back and change the countryside forever (see link below and the University’s move to appoint advisors to help develop 2000 homes on existing Green Belt land):

University of Surrey’s Contract Notice

The Save Hogs Back campaign group asked Anne Milton (MP) 17 Sept 2013 (at a meeting held by the Guildford Society) whether the University was jumping the gun by looking for advisors as the local planning consultation process was yet to start.  Anne Milton seemed to deflect the question but did state rather ominously that the University had been planning development on this site for many years.

Is it a done deal then?  A number of people we’ve spoken to seems to be of this opinion – but surely there needs to be a proper process followed?

The discussion under the front page of this site seems to suggest that special rules apply to the University when it (as the former Battersea College of Technology)  moved to the site from Battersea in the 1960s.  Whilst this might apply to Manor Farm, could this also apply to Blackwell Farm which the University acquired much more recently?  Does anyone know the full situation? Will the consultation process for the new Local Plan just be a formality?