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The University of Surrey has announced plans to build 3,250 homes (equivalent to a small town) on the northern slopes of the Hogs Back in the fields around Blackwell and Manor Farms (land which falls between the parishes of Compton and Onslow). Despite the long history associated with this area, and its designation as an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and great landscape value (AGLV), a recent study by Guildford Council has earmarked it for removal from Green Belt – a move which would, potentially, open up the floodgates for a ribbon development along this ancient highway.

There's a dark cloud today over the Hogs Back

There’s a dark cloud today over the Hogs Back

We believe that the surrounding picturesque villages of Compton, Puttenham and Wanborough would suffer as the rural landscape separating them from Guildford is swallowed up in housing estates; and more traffic enters the road network on the west side of Guildford. Queues are a regular feature at rush hour along the Hogs Back and around the Royal Surrey County Hospital (despite the recent road widening work), and adding another 5,000-7,000 cars – which a 3,250-home development would inevitably bring – would not be sustainable.

The University argues that the land will provide accommodation to allow the economic growth of Guildford and is already advertising for advisors to exploit the land, explaining “The University of Surrey has extensive landholdings and intends to develop a new, sustainable, urban village for Guildford on part of its land.”

You may already have seen the coverage the University received when it announced its proposals on the front page of the Surrey Advertiser (Guildford Edition – 16 August 2013).

Please help save the Hogs Back by signing our petition at the following link Once you’ve completed your details on the government website, please make sure that you confirm the email from HM Government e-petitions otherwise your objection won’t be counted. 

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