Go Brown not Green

GBC has not fully considered appropriate urban areas to regenerate and other options to improve the fabric of Guildford

  • GBC should only consider taking this area out of Green Belt once it has looked at all possible alternatives.

  • Less conventional brownfield sites should also be considered eg  building over the railway and over roads to create available land; and creating multi-level and underground car parking to release land for building.

  • There is a huge area taken up by ground-level car parking on University land. Much of this space could be freed up if multi-storey and/or underground parking was introduced. Many of the buildings are already two or three storeys high so this wouldn’t have a significant impact on the landscape, and it would allow additional business units (industrial and retail) to relocate here, freeing up prime riverside sites for housing (Walnut Tree Close, Ladymead).

See our Call for Action and write to your Councillor.

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