There are no viable access points to the site at Blackwell and Manor Farm and new roads required will cause congestion:

  • Beechcroft Drive, off the A3, is not a junction that could sustain additional traffic.

  • Down Place is a single-track road which would have to be widened to allow access onto the A31 – this would mean carving through AONB land and destroying trees that are centuries old and which part of the former Down Place parkland that was reputedly designed by Capability Brown. It would also mean replacing a weak bridge across the A3 slip road, causing traffic mayhem during construction works.  The access point onto the A31 has poor visibility to the west, where the ridge rises. Introducing another 3,000 cars to the network here would  increase peak-hour congestion on the A31.

  • Building a new link road to the A31 further west, where the road levels, would have a serious impact on the AONB as the new road would have to cross through it.

  • Access via Manor Park would create congestion around the A3 roundabout, and potentially impede ambulances coming into, and out of,  the Royal Surrey County Hospital. The Council/University has just spent £4.5m widening the road system here, but this would be swamped by the additional 3,000 plus cars entering the network.

  • There were 59 accidents on the A31 from Jan 2011 to April 2013 (20 months). These can be broken down as:

  • 21 Shunt
  • 14 Lane change 
  • 10 Loss of control 
  • 4 Inattentive driving
  • 3 Car overturns
  • 2 Night collisions with pedestrian (one death)
  • 2 Turns off carriageway
  • 4 Accidents involving four vehicles
  • It is notable that most of the accidents are shunts, which tend to be caused by queuing  traffic backing up from the A3 junction.
  • We understand that there is a Council Study to explore the impact of the development areas on traffic around Guildford, but this appears to feed in very late into the consultation process (as it is still work in progress) and secondly, what assumptions have been made about locations of access and egress from the Manor and Blackwell farm sites.  Why are these not being discussed as part of the consultation?

See our Call for Action and write to your Councillor.

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