Skewed consultation

The consultation process is biased:

  • Questions in the Questionnaire are biased towards obtaining a majority in favour of increased housing provision. Questions are not balanced.

  • In a public meeting about the Fairlands development, Councillor Mansbridge asked the 400 or so attendees which areas they believed should be developed and gave as an example the University-owned land. This was the only potential development area he cited. This kind of leading question is not in the spirit of unbiased consultation.

  • The Pegasus study was instigated many years ago and findings completed in November 2011 and yet only now are residents being advised of the findings and scope for comment is limited.

  • The University is a major stakeholder and potential property developer, yet it is the University’s students who are collating and presenting the results of the consultation.

  • The description of the land at Blackwell Farm and Manor Farm in the Issues and Options document  is misleading and could prejudice responses to the consultation. It does not present clearly the extent to which parts of the land form AONB and AGLV. The AGLV is not shown on the maps provided.  The I&O study also doesn’t make it clear that the land is AONB – describing the site on one page as being ‘close to the AONB’. The information gives a false picture to anyone responding to the consultation who might then form the view that this site is suitable for development.

See our Call for Action and write to your Councillor.

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