Flawed evidence

The evidence base is flawed

  • Green Belt study appears flawed – describing the land as ‘poor’ in terms of its ability to fulfil the purposes of Green Belt is misleading and could prejudice responses to the consultation. The ‘Green Belt score allocated is also inaccurate – Blackwell Farm  should have scored 3, not 1, and therefore should not have been put forward as a potential development area.

  • The Green Belt (Pegasus) study overlooks the distinctive geology of Guildford. Throughout the study, no reference is made to the Guildford Landscape Character Assessment, which should be an important consideration in any review of the Green Belt – studies produced by councils in other areas have all included the landscape character in their decision-making (including those upon which the Pegasus study is based).

  • Why were  H1 Blackwell and manor farm and H2 considered separately in the Green Belt study?  Was this to allow a claim that H1 adjoins the urban line as  Blackwell farm itself does not? H2 is described as adjoining urban line, but either side is open fields.

See our Call for Action and write to your Councillor.

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