Protect AONB

Blackwell Farm and Manor Farm is an area of significant landscape character (comprising AONB, AGLV, Green Belt land and ancient woodland) and development should not be allowed on any part of this land

  • The parcel of land includes AONB and AGLV, and therefore has to be built upon as a  very last resort (and only in special circumstances)

  • The strategy put forward in GBC’s own Landscape Character Assessment (2007) supports this view, yet little is made of the AONB/AGLV designation in the Green Belt and Countryside (Pegasus) Study.

  • The fields within the site that are not AONB/AGLV-designated form the remarkable open views that can be seen from the AONB and therefore make the AONB what it is.

  • The whole site forms the panoramic vista from the top of the Hogs Back – a historical and geological feature which contributes to Guildford’s special character. This, too, is recognised in the Landscape Character Assessment, which describes the Hogs Back as the ‘iconic spine to the borough’.

  • In a letter from Nick Bowles MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Planning)), he referred to a Ministerial Statement of 1 July in regard to the Green Belt “not always being given sufficient protection that was the explicit policy intent of Ministers”.  He wrote: “In this statement the Government therefore reaffirmed the protections that apply in the Green Belt and set out that for housing and traveller sites, unmet need alone is unlikely to justify the very special circumstances necessary to permit such protections in the Green Belt.”

See our Call for Action and write to your Councillor.

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